Submitting a Final Report

The Project Leader and the sponsoring organization of all projects supported by the Fund for Darfur are required to submit a final report within three months of the conclusion of the project. The report should be no more than two pages in length and include the name of the Project Leader, the sponsoring organization and contact information for both.

In the narrative, briefly describe the execution of the project. Also, please answer these six questions:

  1. In what ways was the project successful?
  2. What aspects of your plan did not work?
  3. What would be useful to you or others developing a similar future project?
  4. What audiences were reached?
  5. In what way did the project increase understanding of issues related to Darfur?
  6. What were the educational and action-oriented outcomes of the project?

Reports should be submitted by email to Put “Final Report”, the Project Leader’s last name and the project title in the subject line. Any materials produced in conjunction with the project and examples of any publicity should be delivered to Keith Moffat, Administration Bldg 501. Clearly indicate the Project Leader’s last name and the project title on the packet of additional materials.

A final report must be submitted before any further proposals for support from the fund by the Project Leader or the sponsoring organization can be considered.